Office Home & Student 2019 Main Features

Office Home & Student 2019 makes things faster and easier to organize. It features a modern interface, time-saving features, and built-in collaboration tools. Plus, you can save documents to your OneDrive cloud storage and access them from anywhere.


In PowerPoint, you can write and draw with a digital pen just like on a paper notebook. Save time with PowerPoint handwriting analysis, which converts sticky notes to text, and hand-drawn shapes to neat circles, squares, or even trapezoids.

Write your list by hand in PowerPoint, and it will automatically be converted to bullet text. Forget boring presentations.

With Remix 3D, you can add three-dimensional models of buildings, objects, and even dinosaurs to slides, and modern graphics will make them spectacular and memorable.


With the Freehand Editing feature, you can edit electronic documents with a digital pen. Strikethrough words to remove them, circle the text you want to highlight, and automatically paste the selected ink wherever you want.

The intuitive tools in Word help you get started on your document. Read documents, notes, messages, and more with the voice recorder.

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