MAXIS VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite Review

The MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite video editor focuses on refining the user interface and improving the workflow.

This is the second standalone version of the Vegas Pro video editor purchased by Magix from Sony.

Some new features are implemented via the OpenFX plugin. This way, the picture-in-picture effect can be inserted either through track animation or faster and easier via the OFX plugin.

The new version now has functions for loading plugins and color effects that were not available in the previous version of the package. The ACES 1.0 color system is also now supported.

The new Instant Freeze Frame feature allows you to freeze a single frame at any point in the clip. The new menu interface can be adapted to your own needs, but sometimes this may not be very convenient. For example, in the brightness menu, four gradations are available, and after changes, you need to restart the program, which is somewhat tiring when you want to achieve optimal settings.

The window menu can be located individually or combined in floating on the screen of the dock. You can even make several freely placed docks. MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite allows you to use up to ten custom layout profiles.

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