KASPERSKY Total Security Review

Review and testing of KASPERSKY Total Security. Independent antivirus laboratories regularly assign the highest ratings to KASPERSKY Total Security, and PCMag retains the Editors’ Choice title in the paid antivirus category.

The main product window hasn’t changed significantly from last year’s version. At the top, it includes a system status banner, which is usually shown in green, but turns red when it detects security issues. Four main panels allow you to scan, update antivirus databases, view security reports, and launch an on-screen keyboard. Clicking on the More Features button will open a menu of additional security tools.

KASPERSKY Total Security participates in tests of all 5 independent laboratories monitored by PCMag and receives some of the best ratings based on their results. The cumulative result of testing the product is 9.8 points out of 10 possible.

In the malicious link blocking test, KASPERSKY Total Security blocked only 68 percent of online threats. However, in the anti-phishing test, the same component of web protection performed brilliantly, with only 1% losing out to the conventional leader, Norton. KASPERSKY Total Security confidently bypassed the content filters that are effectively built into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

There is always the possibility that a newer zero-day attack can bypass basic defenses. Then sooner or later the threat will try to carry out its malicious changes. At this point, “Activity Monitor” will take effect. If the tool detects activity related to exploits or other types of threats, it will prevent these actions and terminate the dangerous process. In addition, it will try to undo malicious actions that may have occurred while the analysis was taking place. Moreover, KASPERSKY Total Security can restore access even to files encrypted by ransomware.

To check the “System Watcher” in operation, additional levels of protection were disabled. When trying to launch ransomware from a test collection, the component each time detected dangerous activity and blocked the attack. It was not possible to face recovery of encrypted files because KASPERSKY Total Security blocked threats even before they could cause damage. He did not identify the malware as ransomware, but he confidently resisted them.

All major independent laboratories assign their best ratings to KASPERSKY Total Security. Compared to the free version, you get a powerful behavioral analysis component called Activity Monitor and a set of useful additional tools. The product retains its Editors’ Choice title in the paid antivirus category.

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